To Do Lists


To Do Lists is a utility which makes it easier for keeping track of things you need to do on a regular basis. It takes a document containing things you put in, and presents it in a nice easy to use format. Main highlights are:

Download To Do Lists

Warning! Please make sure that upon clicking the link below, that you save the file to your pc instead of running it. To Do Lists is available for download by clicking this download link for To Do Lists (January 2017) .

Using To Do Lists

After you download the file, you will need to create your to do list. As of the January 2017 version of To Do Lists you can create the list from the program itself. However, the following instructions will work if you wish to create your list manually: First, go into a word processor program (such as WordPad/NotePad/Microsoft Word) so that you can write in your list. Whichever program you want to use, use the normal process you do to open the word processor program of your choice. Once in a new document ready to type, follow these steps:
  1. Type in each item on the list, one entry per line. An example list could look something like this:
    wash the car
    walk the dog
    ... and so on. Note: You only need to go down to a new line once after each item, you don't need to have a blank line in between.
  2. When the list is to your satisfaction, use the "save" command in your word processor program and make sure that text document (*.txt) or the equivalent is selected for the type of document.
  3. Save the document in the same folder as the "todolists.exe" program itself (this is why we recommend you save the file when you download it instead of running it.
  4. Next, open up the "todolists.exe" file you downloaded and, if using a screen reader program, it may be a good idea to mute the speech.
  5. You will be given some information about the list you have, if one is found. If not you will see a message asking you to make a list first.
  6. Simply click OK or press enter on the informational screen, and then follow the instructions and, when finished, click Yes or No (press Y or N if using the built-in speech) on the box asking that you've finished the items on the list and if you'd like to delete the list.

What's New, January 2017

This minor update to the To Do Lists program includes the following user-requested features and a minor change:
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