Disclaimer! Anything below the standard navigation bar is not my work but the work of brandon T, creater and maintainer of BT Projects. I, Sam Tupy, am only promoting and providing a hosting space for BT projects. Thank you.

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Welcome to the Bt Projects home page. This page hosts content (such as various audio and programs) that you may find useful.

Available Sections

For quick access to these sections you can use shortcut keys as indicated. If using a screen reader they should be announced. As a general rule, the first letter of each section, if held down with the alt key or alt and shift keys in some browsers, or control key on a Mac, will allow you to navigate directly to the section of interest. If a letter is shown in parentheses then you will want to use that letter with the alt/control keys instead of the first letter to get to that section.
To Do Lists
Word Race
Battery Meter
Audio Content
Technology Blog (L)
Experimental Text-To-Speech System (S)

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments about anything such as the audio or programs, you may send me an email to: .